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Your Nintendo Wii could make you fat

If you think playing on the Nintendo Wii console is a good substitute for proper exercise, you could find yourself piling on the pounds this Christmas. According to the BBC, boffins at the British Medical Journal have found that Wii exercise is not intense enough to keep us fit.

Young people need an hour of exercise each day, according to the BMJ, and playing on the Wii doesn't count - although in our experience a few games of Wii Sports tennis is more than enough for one evening.

The study carried out by the BMJ found that gamers who played Wii games, using its motion-sensing controller, only used two per cent more energy than gamers on the PS3 or Xbox 360.

Apparently, playing Nintendo's own Wii Sports game increases energy usage by 60kcal (250 kJ) per hour compared with playing other consoles.

The Wii is this year's must-have console, but stock shortages have blighted many shoppers' attempts to get one. Nintendo is churning out 1.8 million Wii consoles a month, but even that isn't enough to satisfy worldwide demand.