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Sony woos Minecraft inventor with Golden PSone and VIP invite to E3

Sony woos Minecraft inventor with Golden PS1 and VIP invite to E3
Is it time for Microsoft to share Minecraft?

The wooing team at Sony (we assume that's a real department) has sent Markus Persson, creator of the hugely popular Minecraft, a solid gold (coloured) PSone and a VIP invite to its E3 press conference.

The gift also came with a free copy of Dungeon Master 2, which seemed to particularly excite Persson as he remarked on Twitter "they sure know how to bribe nerds".

This, more than likely, wasn't a shipping error. Sony would have noticed Persson's moans about Microsoft's latest console and how they've locked down the once "open" Windows OS. Maybe Sony has some big news for indie developers at E3 and it wants Persson front and centre for it?

Via The Verge

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