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New Firefox concept: pretty but confusing

The Aurora concept
The Aurora concept

Mozilla's concept ideas for Firefox might be well-meaning and, well, conceptual, but it's pretty confusing.

A video on the site shows the 'Aurora' idea of what the browser could be like, and uses two farmers arguing about rainfall in their farms (why, we have no idea. There's not really anything more boring to argue about).

Man Farmer decides to rib Woman Farmer about rainfall in her area, and texts her through the browser, and collaboratively shows her a graph he creates using data found in a site.

3D blobs

She then goes into a weird 3D history mode, where she can access her history as a series of blobs, with friends and activities and ideas and moods all linked with weird coloured mis-shapen rings.

If it sounds confusing, that's because it is.

Anyway, it looks like something that could be a really intuitive interface once you worked out what the devil is going on, so check it out for yourself to see what you think.

Make sure you see the robotic arm-cum-mouse she uses to browse (because we'd all use such a MASSIVE device in the future), and the small touchscreen mobile display, to view the sports results on her tractor (did we mention the subject is really boring?)