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This device will make your music sound better - and protect your ears


Tailor-made audio sounds like a strange concept, but with services like Tidal using high bitrates it starts to make sense.

People's ears are different - some are more sensitive than others - and Aumeo wants to solve this problem by tuning your earphones to match the sensitivity of your ears.

Aumeo is just a small box that lives between your music device and your headphones. After performing a simple test to see how good your ears are at detecting certain frequencies, Aumeo will alter the audio output to better match your sonic profile, providing more detailed audio that you'll be able to enjoy without turning the volume up to a drum-damaging level.

Or at least that's the promise. Aumeo has just smashed its Indiegogo goal and plans to ship to backers this November. You can read more about it here.

The device will also come with a companion app for iOS and Android, which you can download right now.