Best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday 2023 deals: post sale offers on consoles, games and more

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As quickly as they arrived, both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have finished up for 2023. Though, if you missed out on finding a bargain during the weekend, you're in luck – you can still deals across Nintendo Switch consoles, games and accessories, though these offers might not last much longer.

Whether you want to jump into flagship titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, or pick up the latest themed Nintendo Switch OLED, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have historically been a great time to snatch up a deal.

Since 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been one of the best handheld consoles in the latest generation of gaming hardware, though it’s starting to face some fierce competition from handheld PCs, such as the Valve Steam Deck, in the realm of portable gaming. As the Nintendo Switch gets older with age, we’re starting to see it get even bigger discounts each year, especially as Nintendo has since released the Nintendo Switch OLED, and anticipation grows for the rumoured Nintendo Switch 2.

The official sales might be over, but if you're still keen on a bargain, we've kept the best Nintendo Switch deals that are still going as of Wednesday, November 29 highlighted below.

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals: retailer links

Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals


Nintendo Switch OLED AU$549.95AU$449 at The Gamesmen eBay

Nintendo Switch OLED | AU$549.95 AU$449 at The Gamesmen eBay (save AU$100.95)

Themed after The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, this stunning Nintendo Switch OLED console has nabbed a Black Friday discount – save a total of AU$100.95 off with the code HGTNOV at The Gamesmen eBay. Featuring stunning gold Joy-Cons along with a gold-embellished white dock plus the 7-inch OLED display that allows you to game while out and about, there’s no guarantee that this beautiful console will score a bigger saving during the official Black Friday sales.

Nintendo Switch Sports console bundle  AU$469.95AU$419 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Sports console bundle | AU$469.95 AU$419 at Amazon (save AU$50.95)

The biggest downside to buying a Nintendo Switch is that you then have to fork out some extra cash to buy a game to play on it, so it's nice to see some bundle offers from Nintendo from time to time. Having just been released, we're surprised to find a solid 11% off discount on this bundle already – making it a great chance to pick one up if you're after a Christmas gift for the gamer in your life.

Games & subscriptions

Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership (12 months)AU$54.95AU$46.70 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership (12 months) | AU$54.95 AU$46.70 at Amazon (save AU$8.25)

A Family membership is already a super affordable option for Nintendo Switch Online, especially if you split the cost with up to seven other accounts. It's even better though with a AU$8.25 discount. Whether you use it for your household, or split it with friends from afar, this membership will give you access to online gameplay in games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, as well as the catalogues for the Super NES and Game Boy games.

Pokémon Legends Arceus (Switch) AU$79.95AU$59 at Amazon

Pokémon Legends Arceus (Switch) | AU$79.95 AU$59 at Amazon (save AU$20.95)

Journey to the Sinnoh region long before the events of Diamond and Pearl – Pokémon Legends Arceus is a unique spin on the traditional format of Pokémon games, letting players explore and capture Pokémon with primitive Pokéball technology. Whether you want to simply explore the landscape or fill the Pokédex, this deal on Pokémon Legends Arceus will score you the game for AU$59.

Nintendo Switch Sports AU$69.95AU$54 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Sports | AU$69.95 AU$54 at Amazon (save AU$15.95)

Play your favourite sports right in your living room with a copy of Nintendo Switch Sports. Bundled with the leg strap, you’ll be able to kick goals in a soccer shootout, so you can get more involved than with typical Switch games. Just under AU$16 off is a nice deal, but we’re hoping to see this game come down further than its lowest price from 2022. Also available at JB Hi-Fi for AU$54.

Detective Pikachu Returns (Switch) AU$69.95AU$59 at Amazon

Detective Pikachu Returns (Switch) | AU$69.95 AU$59 at Amazon (save AU$10.95)

Get ready to solve some mysteries in the Pokémon universe with Detective Pikachu Returns. Explore Ryme City with Detective Pikachu, a coffee-loving Pokémon who specialises in investigating crime. It’s only been out for just over a month, so finding a AU$10 discount on this game is a neat bargain.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch)AU$79.95AU$64 at Amazon

Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch) | AU$79.95 AU$64 at Amazon (save AU$15.95)

Mario’s latest adventure is here, and it’s already nabbed a modest discount on Amazon. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a fun and colourful adventure, perfect to play on your own or with family and friends. Choose from a big cast of some of the most recognisable characters in the series and explore the vibrant lands with the new Wonder Flowers that affect the levels in a variety of magical ways. First-party Nintendo Switch titles don’t often pick up big savings, especially when they’re brand new, but it might be worth waiting just a bit longer to see if this game scores a bigger discount closer to Black Friday.

Pikmin 4 (Switch) AU$79.95AU$64 at Amazon

Pikmin 4 (Switch) | AU$79.95 AU$64 at Amazon (save AU$25.95)

Captain Olimer is missing on a faraway planet, and it’s your job as the newest member of the Rescue Corps to find him in Pikmin 4. Explore your surroundings, gather Pikmin and face fearsome foes in this game that will test your dandori skills to the max. Having only come out in July 2023, this deal for AU$25.95 off is a nice bargain on a fun and colourful game.

Fire Emblem Engage (Switch) AU$79.95AU$49 at Amazon

Fire Emblem Engage (Switch) | AU$79.95 AU$49 at Amazon (save AU$34.95)

Fire Emblem Engage will have you jumping into the Fire Emblem franchise with a cast of characters both new and old as you test out your strategy skills in this turn-based RPG.  Picking up a neat AU$34.95 discount on Amazon, this latest instalment features gorgeous animations and some of the best combat mechanics seen so far in the series, though the storyline is a little bland.

Controllers & accessories

Nintendo Switch Pro controller AU$99.95AU$89 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Pro controller | AU$99.95 AU$89 at Amazon (save AU$10.95)

Looking for a new controller for your Nintendo Switch? The Pro controller is designed so you can game in comfort without impacting your performance. Whether you’re playing a fighting game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or you’re racing around tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it’s a great option if you prefer a traditional controller over the Joy-Cons. It’s only nabbed a AU$10 discount on Amazon, and the lowest it fell on Black Friday was AU$84.

PowerA Enhanced wired controller AU$44.95from AU$33.95 at The Gamesmen eBay

PowerA Enhanced wired controller | AU$44.95 from AU$33.95 at The Gamesmen eBay (save up to AU$11)

Prefer a controller over the Joy-Cons? PowerA offers a variety of controllers with stunning designs inspired by various Nintendo Switch games. From simple and plain options like this Mario White variant, to more brightly coloured ones featuring villagers from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, these controllers are lightweight and plug right into your dock so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. 

8BitDo Arcade Stick AU$169AU$129 at Mwave

8BitDo Arcade Stick | AU$169 AU$129 at Mwave (save AU$40)

Fans of classic fighting games can experience the nostalgia of classic arcade games with this game controller. Compatible with the Nintendo Switch and PC games, the 8BitDo Arcade Stick features classic buttons and a joystick that can be programmed to your liking to customise your gameplay, as well as Bluetooth and USB-C connection. Mwave has the best price on it right now, but fingers crossed the price drops even further approaching Black Friday.

Logitech G335 wired gaming headset (white) AU$129.95AU$99.95 at The Gamesmen eBay

Logitech G335 wired gaming headset (white) | AU$129.95 AU$99.95 at The Gamesmen eBay (save AU$30)

Looking for a headset to keep you immersed in your game? The Logitech G335 wired gaming headset has sunk down to under AU$100 with the code HGTNOV at The Gamesmen eBay. Coming with a 3.5mm jack, you’ll be able to plug this headset right into your Switch and enjoy the sounds of your game without disturbing others while you’re out and about. Available in the white, black and green colour options at this price. 

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Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals: key information

When will Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals be available?

The official date for Black Friday in Australia is on November 24 in 2023, directly following the US Thanksgiving holiday. However, just like 2022, we’re expecting to see some Black Friday deals creep up early, possibly even at the start of November. 

We don’t know for sure if any early deals will include the Nintendo Switch or its games and accessories, but we’re very confident that there’ll at least be some bargains across the Black Friday weekend, even carrying onto the Cyber Monday sales and possibly into early December. 

Does the Nintendo Switch get cheaper on Black Friday?

As one of the best gaming consoles currently available, the Nintendo Switch is often privy to big discounts during sales events. It’s not often that the console or its games don’t nab a discount, and we’ve seen it frequently pop up during sales this year, including the eBay Plus sales back in May. And now that it’s over 5 years old, it’s getting more and more discounts so we fully expect it to come down during this next Black Friday sale, though only for a limited time.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals: our predictions

Nintendo Switch displaying Animal Crossing New Horizons

(Image credit: Shutterstock / Vantage_DS)

In the year 2023, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to the Nintendo Switch. With the choice between the standard Nintendo Switch, the Switch OLED and the Nintendo Switch Lite, shoppers will likely be spoilt for choice with discounts across all the hardware, especially with rumours swirling about the Nintendo Switch 2. Plus, the Nintendo Switch OLED also has a variety of themed consoles, and it’s likely that sellers will want to move along older stock of these game-specific consoles for new ones potentially coming in 2024.

Black Friday also typically tends to be the best time to pick up first-party Nintendo games on a discount, with both physical and digital editions often coming down in price just before or during the sale. These games don’t tend to get massive savings on their own, but you can get lucky on sites such as eBay where additional coupons can be the difference between a good deal and a great one.

As for controllers and accessories, the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons will most likely nab a discount across all colours, so Black Friday will be a great chance to replace any older Joy-Cons that have become victim to the dreaded Joy-Con drift. Similarly, we could also see some rare discounts on the Pro Controller, though we didn’t really see this back in 2022. We don’t expect to see any discounts on retro controllers exclusive to the My Nintendo Store, so it’s unlikely you’ll see the Nintendo 64 or SNES controllers for the Switch on sale.

The top Nintendo Switch deals since Black Friday 2022

Nintendo Switch Console (Neon) with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3 Month Switch Online Subscription AU$469.95 AU$379 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Console (Neon) with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3 Month Switch Online Subscription | AU$469.95 AU$379 at Amazon (AU$90.95 off)

One of the biggest issues when buying a Nintendo Switch is that it typically doesn’t come with any games, so bundles like this make a perfect Christmas morning present as you can jump right in for some holiday-friendly Mario Kart racing. Plus, this bundle also comes with a Switch Online subscription, so you could enjoy online races and experience all the subscription perks with no extra costs for the first 3 months. Overall, this is a pretty sweet bundle with a console that we rated 4 out of 5 stars in our Nintendo Switch review.

In 2021, this bundle came down to AU$399, then in 2022, it dropped even further to AU$379. We’re hoping that in 2023 this bundle gets an even bigger discount, but we’ll likely have to wait until the Black Friday weekend before it pops up again. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Edition AU$549.95AU$492.10 via Big W eBay

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Edition | AU$549.95 AU$492.10 via Big W eBay (save AU$57.85)

One year ago, the latest Pokémon games hit the shelves, and a beautifully themed Nintendo Switch OLED console along with them. Featuring the 9th generation starters from the Paldea region in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, it was a nice surprise to see a solid deal on this version of the Nintendo Switch OLED, though it wasn’t the biggest discount on one in 2022.

On October 25 2022, the Splatoon 3 themed Nintendo Switch OLED came down to a staggering AU$379 for eBay Plus members. At the time, it was the lowest price we’d seen for a Nintendo Switch OLED console. In 2023, there’s a nice variety of themed Switches including one that was released alongside The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so it’s very likely that the themed consoles will once again get the Black Friday treatment this time around.

Super Mario Odyssey AU$79.95 AU$64 at Amazon

Super Mario Odyssey | AU$79.95 AU$64 at Amazon (AU$15.95 off)

Nintendo’s most recognisable mascot embarked on an epic adventure in his Nintendo Switch debut. Even 6 years after its release, Super Mario Odyssey is still a fantastic story that will have you jumping into Mario’s shoes as he travels to diverse lands in order to track down Bowser and rescue Princess Peach. Joining forces with Cappy, you’ll have to put your platforming skills to work in order to collect all the moons and battle iconic enemies from the Mario franchise.

During Black Friday 2022, this game came down to AU$64, which isn’t a huge discount. But with the latest round of Mario games on the horizon, we’re hoping that Black Friday 2023 will finally deliver a huge discount on this first-party title – though there’s no guarantees as discounts on Nintendo titles can be few and far between.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild AU$89.95 AU$72 at Amazon

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | AU$89.95 AU$72 at Amazon (save AU$17.95)

With its sequel finally here, we’ve got our fingers crossed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will pick up a massive discount in Black Friday 2023. At the time of writing, you can pick up this game for just AU$68.95 on Amazon, already surpassing this 2022 Black Friday deal, so there’s a good chance that this day one Nintendo Switch title could get an even bigger saving this time around.

Additionally, given that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, came out in May, it could even nab a deal during the upcoming November sales, but it probably won’t hit the same price as we’ll get on its predecessor.

Nintendo Switch Sports AU$69.95 AU$54 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Sports | AU$69.95 AU$54 at Amazon (AU$15.95 off)

Playing sports typically involves going outside, but Nintendo has once again found a way to get you up and moving without leaving the comfort of your lounge room. Nintendo Sports offers a variety including soccer, tennis, bowling, volleyball and more, plus in 2022 you could nab a modest discount on this game that came with the leg strap which allows you to simulate scoring a goal without actually kicking a ball directly into your TV.

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