We're sadly back to the negative points again when it comes to battery life – a 1000mAh battery isn't enough to sustain a phone with all these capabilities.

We were using Roadsync pretty much all day, as well as being open to Google Mail, Wi-Fi scanning when needed and also listening to streamed music through Bluetooth headphones, which is a lot for any phone to take. But given the way Sony Ericsson is pushing the Satio in the market, we'd expect to be able to multi-task this way with no problem.

Sony ericsson satio

However, there is a problem, in that users will find that the battery will run down in a day under such usage. It's not a massive problem as if you charge every night you'll be fine – but we found ourselves getting pretty close to the border of battery life at times.

The organisational skills of the Satio are pretty good too – don't expect them to throw you a birthday party or anything, but if you want synchronised Google and Exchange calendars here you've got it.

There are the rest of the things you'd hope to find on a Symbian phone – calculator, converter, PDF reader, QuickOffice – but we think you're a pretty smart bunch and will be able to work these out.

Location based services

Google Maps is included on the phone, as is a trial of WisePilot for turn-by-turn directions. Both of these are massively helped by the presence of an excellent GPS chip that can locate you seemingly in milliseconds – a far cry from the Nokia N86 which threatened to get us lost every single day.

Sony ericsson satio

Google Maps works better with the resistive touchscreen – but although it's nice to have a semi-dedicated sat nav, we doubt there will be hoards of people heading over to pick up the Satio just to get the free trial of WisePilot.


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