Acer Liquid S100 review

Do high end specs automatically make a good Android phone?

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The web browser on any Android phone is always good, and the Liquid is no exception. The excellent capacitive screen, while not multi-touch to offer pinch and zoom, is tip top for navigation around the mobile and full web, which is once again delivered speedily on the Acer Liquid.

We're still massively confused as to why the Liquid hasn't beefed up its processor to the full 1GHz capability, but at least when browsing the internet it doesn't show.

Acer liquid s100

Instead, pages are generally loaded very quickly with minimal lag and few incomplete sections, and the mobile web pages, such as those from the BBC, are an absolute breeze.

Acer liquid s100

As with all Android phones, we like the way Google has put this browsing experience together - being able to share the page you're looking at directly to Twitter (through the excellent Twidroid) is a great example of how to interweave APIs, and the ability to see your history and bookmarks visually is a nice touch.

Acer liquid s100

We also like the fact the web browser on the Acer Liquid remembers your most visited pages, meaning you don't have to go trawling back through the history to find that page you forgot to bookmark.

Acer liquid s100

And while there's no Flash player on this phone (boo) it means you're less likely to visit those sites that you might not want your partner to find you've been trawling through when she has a play with your shiny new phone - every cloud...


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