Toshiba may support Blu-ray after all

Never say never for the next-gen format war losers

The company may have lost out in the high-definition format wars way back in 2008 but Toshiba has finally hinted that it could be ready to jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon.

So far, Toshiba has taken the decision not to update its laptop range with Blu-ray drives and it has also focused on creating its own upscaling DVD players, instead of bringing Blu-ray players to market.

Keeping options open

However, at a recent shareholder meeting, Tosh's President Atsutoshi Nishida hinted at a Blu-ray future, saying:

"It makes no sense to decide not to enter the Blu-Ray market simply because we lost the DVD-format war. We cannot change the fact that we lost, but we would like to keep our options open."

Interestingly, Nishida actually stepped down as President of Toshiba this week, with Corporate Senior Executive Vice President Norio Sasaki sworn in as the new chief executive.

Maybe now is the time for Toshiba to take a step into the Blu.



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