LG goes green with new LCD screen

New eco-friendly monitor announced

For most electronics manufacturers, garnering an eco-conscience is the big thing at the moment, since the government and consumers alike have started to worry that our insatiable appetite for tech is damaging the environment.

Enter the FLATRON W2252TE. Despite having a name that could easily make it the robot in the Transformers franchise, the FLATRON is an eco-friendly display by LG that is reportedly 45 per cent less power hungry than your average computer screen.

Feature focus

Although power consumption has been reduced, features have not. Contrast ratio stays at an impressive 10,000:1 – when in Movie mode – while the monitor also houses a Cheetah-like 2ms response time.

Resolution is high to, starting at 1440x900 in Zoom mode and 1680x1050 at all other times.

Speaking about the new ‘eco’ monitor, Fiona Landsberg, marketing manager, LG Electronics, said: “With the ever increasing time spent by consumers on computers these days, there is a need for products that are more energy efficient.

“The W2252TE gives consumers the chance to work, play games, watch movies or surf the internet, safe in the knowledge that they are doing as much as possible to help reduce their impact on the environment.

“We are committed to expanding our ‘green’ monitor portfolio with products that either equal or better the energy saving provided by the W2252TE.”

This 22in monitor will be available as of August. Pricing is to be confirmed.


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