Windows 10 is liked by bosses, not so much by workers

Windows 7 is still top dog with employees

Windows 10

When it comes to business adoption, Windows 10 is making good headway, and management are generally satisfied with the OS – even if employees aren't so convinced.

Those are the findings of a new piece of research from Spiceworks, which observed that Windows 10 had 'sprinted' out of the gate having been adopted by 38% of businesses surveyed across the US and EMEA, as of the end of June. That's pretty much bang on target to the predicted 40% adoption rate, Spiceworks noted.

Adoption was highest in larger companies with more than 250 staff members, which saw a figure of 51%.

And 85% of organisations said they were generally satisfied with Windows 10, an impressively high statistic. 51% went further and said they were very or extremely satisfied.

Windows 7 is still the crowd favourite

However, the satisfaction metrics with employees weren't so good. When the IT pros who were surveyed were questioned about which operating system their staff preferred, Windows 7 was top by a long way on 69%, with Microsoft's newest OS far behind on 17%.

As for the reasons why businesses are upgrading to Windows 10 – the majority, 66%, said they were making the move because of the free upgrade. 49% cited improved performance as the reason, and 48% said they had shifted because their current OS had hit end-of-life. 43% wanted to make use of Windows 10's new features – mostly revolving around better security and, naturally enough, the return of the Start menu.

In comparison to previous versions of Windows, respondents said that Windows 10 was a major improvement over Windows 8 in all departments, including performance, security, and the interface.

The only worry IT professionals had with the new desktop OS was data privacy guarantees, unsurprisingly given the amount of flak which has been flying around concerning Redmond hoovering up data left, right and centre from Windows 10 users.

Via: Business Insider

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