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Want to get something techy for yourself or someone dear, something that's practical and useful rather than disposable and funny? TechRadar Pro has compiled a list of 10 such affordable gadgets and services.

MobileLite Wireless by Kingston

Kingston managed to combine three different products into one small, handy device. The MobileLite Wireless - otherwise known as the MLW221 - packs a SD card reader, a wireless hotspot (i.e when used as an internet bridge) and a useful battery charger.

What's more, you can also connect it to an external hard disk drive and convert the latter into a wireless storage device, plus you can also transfer content from the SD card to a connected USB storage drive (You can connect other card readers like a Compact Flash one) to the USB port.

You can also connect a 2.5-inch external hard disk drive; I tried Toshiba Canvio 2TB external USB 3.0 drive and can confirm that it works. The MobileLite Wireless comes with a charging port (micro-USB port), a connecting one (full sized USB) and the battery, a 1,800mAh, should allow it to remain awake for up to five hours.

Obviously, that depends on a number of variables - the content you're accessing, bitrates or the number of devices connected simultaneously (Kingston says up to three can be connected at the same time).

You can also use it as an emergency smartphone charger. Managing the MobileLite Wireless requires a free application if you use Android or Apple's iOS (no other mobile OSes are supported at this stage).

The app offers a limited set of features but enough for most tasks; You can also use it as a bog standard storage device when connected to a traditional computer. Best of all, you can grab it from MyMemory for as little as £13.99 (about $22, AU$27), which is a bargain for what should be an essential item for any roving, mobile power user.

Its price and its size (60 x 165 x 15mm, less than 100g) makes it more of a practical impulse buy. As for the flaws (USB 2.0 only, rudimentary app feature), they shouldn't distract from the sheer usefulness of the MobileLite Wireless.

Kingston Mobilelite Wireless
The Kingston Mobilelite Wireless