Fujifilm FinePix Real3D camera outed

Release date, pricing and technology revealed

Fujifilm may not be ready to officially confirm details of its 3D compact camera, but this hasn't stopped information from leaking on the web.

The Fujifilm FinePix Real3D camera is something of a world's first – a compact camera with the capability to shoot 3D images, ready for ogling with a stereoscopic overlay.

No glasses will apparently be needed to view the 3D images with Time.com, who broke the news about the camera, noting: "Two viewing options [are available]. One is a 3D digital picture frame – an eight-inch (20 cm) LCD screen that directs the dual images to the left and right eyes, creating the 3D effect.

"The other option is 3D prints, which are made with a clear plastic overlay that acts as a kind of 3D lens. Fujifilm plans to launch an online service that will make 3D prints for consumers."

September launch

Time.com is also reporting that it got itself a hands-on with the innovative gadget and have let slip that the camera will cost around $600 and be available in Europe "from September".

TechRadar contacted Fuji about the camera and they were reticent to give any details away. Reports suggest, however, that we won't have to wait for official UK information regarding the camera.

With cinemas at the moment hoping that 3D revitalises box-office lucre, it will be interesting to see if the camera perks up Fujifilm camera market-share – something it needs to compete with the likes of Nikon, Olympus and Canon.

Via Time.com


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