Firefox Mobile launching later this month

Mobile awesomeness is mere days away

Firefox for mobile is due to launch this month, after months of development and various leaks.

As reported on, the new browser will initially only be available for the Nokia N900, which has been a hotbed of Mozilla development for the mobile sector, although further operating systems, such as Windows Mobile and Android, will be available soon.

We posted exclusive screenshots of the browser in action earlier this year, showing that the new mobile browser apes the larger version well.

Extending your lifestyle

This means add-ons are included (30 or so will be available at launch) as well as tabbed browsing and the auto-search Awesome bar.

The N900 will not come pre-loaded with the browser, so you'll have to download it off your own back, much like on the 'proper' computer.

We're looking forward to finding out more details on Firefox for mobile next week, so if you're one of the lucky N900 owners, prepare your device for a download (or do nothing and wait... your choice really).




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