Adobe offers up HTML5 to Flash video tool

Mentions 'limited browser support' for

Adobe has announced a tool that will 'shift gracefully' from HTML5 to Flash, when the former's tag is not supported.

Many, including Apple's Steve Jobs, view the rise of HTML5 as the beginning of the end for Flash, but Adobe is keen to downplay this.

To that end, Adobe have announced a tool that it says will help out with the 'limited browser support' for the HTML5 tag.


"HTML5 has received a tremendous amount of buzz, much of it driven by the potential for plugin-free video," said Adobe.

"However, the limited browser support for the HTML5 tag has forced web designers to scramble for a solution that would work across platforms as well as browsers.

"To help customers overcome these challenges, Adobe has released an easy-to-use, totally CSS-customizable solution that shifts gracefully from the HTML5 tag to the Flash Player when the tag is not supported.

"The shift takes place regardless of the screen - from phone to monitor to TV."

Adobe is expected to announce Air 2.5 soon, and has recently been in secret talks with Microsoft, fuelling suggestions of a possible buyout.


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