Tiny home theatre system breaks cover

IFA 2008: Philips CinemaOne is looking good for the space-challenged home

At IFA 2008 Philips decided to release a new device that looks like a dog bowl, but is actually one of the smallest home theatre devices out there.

Housing a DVD player, iPod dock, five channel amplifier, four speakers and a subwoofer and a CD player in the tiny package, the CinemaOne is designed for those without a lot of space.

The four inch subwoofer is built into the base of the unit, in order to reduce clutter and wire-tastic tangles.

Jack of all trades

The device can output in nearly all kinds of format, including DivX and WMV, and the iPod can be controlled by the included remote.

It can also upscale to 1080p via the HDMI connector, so it can even help you justify that 40 inch purchase you're trying to persuade your other half you desperately need.

And for those Apple-haters, there's also a USB 2.0 port to allow connection to pretty much any kind of storage device.

No word on availability yet, but apparently it will be pretty soon, so no need to worry too much if you're hankering for a tiny system.


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