Jerry Bruckheimer moves from movies to games

Uber-producer wants to "challenge the way things are done"

There's no better bang for your buck than a Jerry Bruckheimer film. And now it seems that the movie mogul is turning his hand to games, by announcing some big-names to help him with his new games studio.

Jerry Bruckheimer Games Studio – there's nothing like naming a studio after yourself – has announced the appointment of ex-Microsoft bod Jim Veevaert as president of production and ex-Ubisoft employee Jay Cohen as president of development.

Big games

These acquisitions show that Bruckheimer means big business when it comes to games, as the pair have been part of some of the biggest games ever – Gears of War, Splinter Cell and Halo to name but a few.

Not one to mince his words, Bruckheimer as announced that his new studio will "create content that challenges the way things are done and the experiences gamers have today."

Quite what this actually means is unknown, but it does sound like the studio – which is part-funded by MTV – is going to shy away from producing lame movie tie-ins. Well, we hope this is the case anyway - as Armageddon: The Game sounds pretty rubbish to us.

Via Develop Mag


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