Reviewed: Nintendo Wii Balance Board

Has Nintendo created the new must-have gaming accessory?

Nintendo has completely reinvented itself over the last two years. It's gone from playing third-fiddle in the gaming market to being arguably the major player. Innovation was at the heart of its new drive to success. And innovation is a key part of the Wii Fit Balance Board too.

It’s been a long time coming. But we’ve finally managed to get our hands on one. And we found that it was every bit as fun as we’d hoped.

That said, like the Wii itself, the Balance Board has a novelty factor which will definitely decay over time. So it’s hard to say how long it will hold people’s interest.

It’s also not as fun to play with on your own, meaning you need someone else to play with to make it worth your time.

But still, this is a very, very cool gaming accessory. And one that most Nintendo Wii owners will be eyeing up this summer.

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