Nintendo Wii updated with new firmware

Menu changes and other aesthetic alterations

Nintendo has updated the firmware for its super-successful Wii games console . Without doing anything too drastic, Nintendo has done some subtle spring cleaning, making some minor changes to the Wii's menu system.

A clock has been added to the main menu screen, and there's more 'live' internet content available directly through the console's menus.

The Forecast and News channels now update automatically by downloading regular revisions, saving you the need to check yourself.

Address book entries can now be rearranged however you see fit. And the message board now separates game accomplishments from calendar entries.

New Wii firmware

Also on the update list is the Wii Shop. Games are now recommended on the front page, with a brand spanking new search feature giving you the ability to search by title or game category, as well as by publisher and genre.

So nothing too major - just a little tidy up before Nintendo launches its Xbox Live Arcade-style WiiWare service.



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