Average speed cameras coming for all motorways

Speed limiters for all cars?

Average speed cameras could be installed on all UK motorways if a government-backed group gets its way.

The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) has stated that the cameras, currently only used for roadwork traffic management, would provide significant environmental benefits.

Not only would they apparently keep drivers at a lower speed, thus burning less fuel, they would also replace the current speed traps, which encourage heavy braking and accelerating when used.

Taking away control

The SDC also has recommended that all cars should be fitted with speed limiters too, with a timetable in place to curb the maximum speed of cars, possibly in line with school opening times.

Stewart Davies, from the SDS, said: "While information technology alone won't provide all the answers, it could go a long way towards making travel in the UK safer, more pleasant and more sustainable.

"Already, eco-driving technology can help motorists spend less at the pumps and reduce their emissions; better information can make using public transport easier, and video conferencing technology can help business travellers avoid some journeys altogether."

Via What Car


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