Gitzos are the Rolls-Royce of tripods, and the GT2330 is expensive for an aluminium one, but surprisingly light.

Gitzo claims to use standard-thickness aluminium to maintain strength, but to have saved weight elsewhere in the castings and by using a basalt centre column. The legs are fixed using twist locks, which are a bit quicker than flip-catches, less likely to trap your fingers or break your nails.

Excellent engineering

At full height, it's the most rigid of all the tripods on test. However, it's also one of the least flexible for close-ups because the column can't be turned into a horizontal boom.

You can entirely remove the column and mount the head directly on the baseplate. This makes it easy to take low-angle shots and, unless you need the extra height offered by the column, it's probably an ideal configuration for general use.

Simple and comparatively limiting, but the engineering is superb.