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OCZ Trifecta 2GB review

A card for your camera, phone and computer

OCZ Trifecta 2GB
OCZ has gone for features over power with this card, and we love them for it

Our Verdict

We'd like it to be more robust, but this flash storage device is highly innovative


  • USB connection
  • Impressively versatile
  • Cheap


  • Not the speediest device

With multi-gigabyte SD cards going for pocket money these days, companies have to work hard to make something that stands out.

The approach that companies such as Lexmark and SanDisk take is to make very fast cards, providing fast, continuous burst rates for pro digital cameras.

OCZ has instead opted for features, and it's made us love this little card. The storage itself is courtesy of a 2GB microSD card – the format favoured by many modern phones, though of course the iPhone doesn't support any extra storage at all – which slots into the side of a regular SD-sized adaptor ready to be fitted into your camera.

The really clever bit, though, is that the bottom half slips off to reveal a fullsized USB connection.

Performance from this 66x card is nothing stellar – a peak of around 8MB/sec – but the convenience of having a card that will fit into your computer, camera, PDA and, possibly, mobile phone is not to be underestimated.