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Akasa AK-925 review

An effective and easy to fit cooling solution

This cooler is joyously quiet, even with that fan plugged in


  • Quiet
  • Easy to fit
  • Strong cooling performance


  • Fan makes a slight noise, but nothing to really complain about

One of the major hassles when fitting a new cooler is having to remove the backplate and hence the motherboard from your case.

Thankfully the AK-925 is a doddle to fit, especially on an AMD board.

Easy to position

The innovative little clip design securely fastens it onto the existing mount and keeps the cooler plate directly over the CPU. It also allows you to choose the positioning of the device, letting you choose where the fan should be blowing off its hot air.

It's joyously quiet too, even with that fan plugged in. You can run it without if you're desperate for a noiseless case, but make sure you're not overclocking or running anything too processor intensive.

The AK-925 is an impressive cooler, whether you're after a performance air-cooler or a noiseless set-up.