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Hiper Anubis review

A striking case, but the price will turn more heads than its features

The design is slick and stylish


  • Spacious
  • Striking design
  • Good accessories kit


  • Unjustifiably expensive

Like a cross between a heatsink and a flight case, the Hiper Anubis will sit next to your desk, either frightening the mice or drawing them to it like some ancient monolithic structure for worship.

If you do find a cult of PC worshipping mice making camp next to your chassis then it's definitely £130 well spent. Otherwise it's tough to recommend this case for over a ton.

Stylish and spacious

The design is slick and stylish and the flight case latches on the two side panels are far more labour-saving than the traditional thumb-screw method, making it easy to get at your PC's innards.

Inside, the case is clean and fairly spacious for a mid-tower with the now requisite little rubber water-cooling anuses at the back for reservoir piping. The accessory kit is fairly comprehensive, with all the thumb screws and mobo riser screws you could ever need.

There's also a long-haired brush, which is absolutely vital as the top of the case is going to attract dust like Facebook attracts muppets. But the uncomfortable fact remains that you can pick up equally functional cases for half the price, such as CoolerMaster's CM690.