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Zoostorm Fizzbook Go review

Designed for school children, but grown-ups will fi nd this a usable Netbook

The Zoostorm Fizzbook more than lives up to expectations as a Netbook for the education market

Our Verdict

Does what it says on the tin, offering great value for money in a highly portable package


  • Affordable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Tough build
  • Good feature set


  • Limited performance

The Zoostorm Fizzbook Go is based on the Intel Classmate PC and is both small and affordable.

Taking the standard Netbook approach, you'll find a tough plastic chassis sitting inside a protective sleeve. It has a carrying handle on the top to make moving it between classes easier. The body is tough and solid and while it uses lower grade plastic than found on more adult-orientated devices, we rather
liked the feel of it.

If the Fizzbook had a slightly more adult design it would be a great machine for anyone needing a solid portable, as the plastic is really tough.

Standard features

The screen is the now standard 8.9-inch size with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. We found it a bright display and while the bezel around it is rather large, it means there is very little flex in the design. Overall, this is a great machine that offers real value for money.

The aspect we were most impressed with was the keyboard. Sure, the keys are small, but unlike most Netbooks, they are actually quite chunky and strike firmly as you type. Once you're accustomed to the layout, this is a comfortable and enjoyable machine to use.

We were also impressed with the touchpad and mouse buttons, which are large and proved responsive.

Solid state drive

Powered by an Intel Atom N270 processor and fitted with 512MB of memory and a 4GB Solid State Drive (there is also a 30GB mechanical HDD version available for the higher price of £299 including VAT), the Fizzbook runs Windows XP. We found performance acceptable and the device stayed cool the entire time we used it.

Weighing 1.4kg and measuring 242 x 186 x 42mm, we found portability was very good. Perhaps the most compelling reason for opting for this machine is its battery life.

Children can't be asked to remember to charge it regularly, so the impressive battery life of over four hours from our tests is fantastic news for schools.

Educational software

Extras include a webcam, two USB ports and an Ethernet connection. A selection of educational samplers have also been bundled with the Fizzbook. Aimed at children under eleven years old, they reinforce the idea this is a child's machine.

The Zoostorm Fizzbook wears its intentions on its Velcro sleeve, as this is a Netbook for the education market and, as such, we feel it more than lives up to expectations. It's a great design that meets the needs of younger users remarkably well.