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Novatech X60MV Pro review

Power computing, casual gaming; that should make a few people happy

Our Verdict

A sound desktop replacement that lacks real frills


  • 4GB of memory
  • 17-inch screen
  • Under 3kg


  • Plastic feel
  • Average Nvidia graphics

We all have our own very specific idea for our dream laptop. For some an ultra-portable netbook is ideal, favouring size over power. For others a replacement to a desktop system is their dream machine; read here fast processor and large screen. While gamers just need the best 3D graphics the laptop world can deliver.

The Novatech X60MV Pro laptop firmly goes for that middle option. We're sure Novatech would plead that it's also a gaming system but we'd beg to differ.

Firmly staking its 'desktop' credentials the X60MV Pro features 4GB of memory and it comes with a 64-bit installation option for Windows Vista Home Premium, so you get to use all of it.

The Core 2 Duo T6400 mobile processor is classed as a 'standard' voltage model that is rated at 35watts. Running at 2GHz with a 2MB L2 cache it's at the lower end of the Core 2 range, but it still easily powers past the 'Pentium' processors that are still being marketed and will offer similar speed to entry-level desktop Core 2 models.

17-inch display

Importantly it has that larger 17-inch display that gives desktop levels of display area. Disappointingly the resolution is 1440x900, we'd have much preferred 1680x1050, particularly on a 'Pro' branded model, but it still has the advantage of those two extra display inches.

For games, it is fitted with the Nvidia 9300M GS chipset with 256MB of dedicated memory. Performance-wise this simply can't handle modern gaming effects; Crysis on high chugs along, but ramp down the effects and it'll manage a playable mid-twenties frame rate. Older games such as Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 are far smoother, so enough for casual gamers but not anyone who likes their high-end effects.

A touch lacklustre is the 250GB hard drive, for what we'd like to class as a desktop replacement that's hardly desktop size. Perhaps 320GB or, better yet, twin drives would be more like it, something that could easily be fitted in such a large chassis.

The system is rounded out well with a Blu-ray reader and DVD RW combo drive, webcam, integrated Wireless-G, but let down by its external connections with just three USB ports and standard audio and video.

As with other Novatech models, the chassis is displeasingly plastic, like a laminated MFI desk. The touchpad has an annoying ridge running around it but the keyboard is responsive and full-sized. Battery life does little to raise our interest reaching 95 minutes playing 1080p content.