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Axio Hardsleeve review

Tough protection for a MacBook

The outside of the case is a tough, double-sided ABS plastic

Our Verdict

It's not cheap but if ultimate toughness and high-quality finish are paramount, it's worth the money


  • As tough as you can get


  • Quite pricey

As protective sleeves go, this one has to be about as bulletproof as you would ever want. Unless, of course, you did actually want a bulletproof one, in which case... Oh never mind, you get the point.

The outside of the case is a tough, double-sided ABS plastic, which claims to be shock-resistant - in testing, it did survive a battery of sharpened assaults. Inside is a fitted foam interior with soft- Lycra lining, which clamps the MacBook in place, so it doesn't slide about. Two zips seal it shut.

The sleeve is specifically made to go perfectly with Axio bags. There are no pockets or compartments - this one is simply a protective sleeve.

The price is our only grumble; it's quite a whack, but for those who can afford it, in return you get the toughest cover for a MacBook we have so far come across, and one that's been finished, both inside and out, to a very high standard.