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Freshworks CRM review

User-friendly with tons of built-in communication tools

Freshworks CRM
(Image: © Freshworks)

Our Verdict

Freshworks CRM is an affordable and easy-to-use platform. It lacks lead generation tools, but it offers tons of built-in communication features to help move deals forward.


  • Intuitive interface and mobile app
  • Built-in phone with automatic call recording
  • Two-way email sync and bulk emails


  • Almost no tools for lead generation
  • Not many integrations with project management software

Freshworks CRM is the best CRM

Freshworks offers a CRM that combines phone, email, and messaging, while also using AI to help with organizing and lead scoring. Get the best that works, get Freshworks CRM.

Freshworks CRM, formerly branded as Freshsales, is a user-friendly platform that focuses on maximizing the productivity of your sales team. The CRM software offers tools like built-in phone and email, lead scoring, and workflow automation that let you easily keep in touch with contacts and push deals forward. Freshworks CRM also has a relatively wide variety of integrations for marketing, productivity, and communication.

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Plans and Pricing

Freshworks CRM offers five plan tiers, the first of which is free. Helpfully, the free plan allows an unlimited number of users and contacts, as well as integrated email and access to the Freshworks CRM mobile app. It’s a surprisingly functional free option for small businesses.

The Blossom plan costs $12 per user per month. It adds a kanban-style sales funnel view, lead scoring, a built-in phone, and access to the API and integrations.

Freshworks CRM 1

(Image credit: Freshworks)

The Garden plan, for $25 per user per month, adds up to 10 workflow automations, multiple sales pipelines, and contact deduplication. It also includes the ability to segment users into teams (up to 10 teams) and by territories, as well as admin features for customizing user permissions.

The Estate plan costs $49 per user per month and gives you more teams, 25 workflow automations, and advanced lead scoring. You also get access to a customizable reports dashboard, support for multi-currency deals, and sales goals.

The Forest plan, for $79 per user per month, offers audit logs and advanced platform security for sensitive businesses.


Freshworks CRM has a number of features that can improve the productivity of your sales team and help shephard new deals.

Leads and Contact Management

The contact display within Freshworks CRM is very simple to navigate and provides plenty of useful information. Once you’ve entered a contact, the platform will automatically populate it with data from their company’s website and posts from their social media accounts. You can see how much any contact has been worth to your company, as well as check recent messages and social media posts at a glance.

Freshworks CRM 2

(Image credit: Freshworks)

On top of that, Freshworks will automatically assign a score to every contact based on their past engagement with your company. You can sort and filter contacts by lead scores, so it’s easy to prioritize your communication tasks. If your sales team is segmented by territory, Freshworks CRM can auto-assign leads that you import or who sign up through an online form to the right salesperson.

One big downside to Freshworks CRM is that the platform is very light on lead generation tools. While competing software will scrape leads from social media or websites, Freshworks requires you to import data or enter it manually. The mobile app doesn’t even allow salespeople in the field to add a contact by taking a photo of a business card, which is a standard feature in other CRM mobile apps.


A major advantage to Freshworks CRM is that your sales team can conduct almost all of its communication tasks without leaving the software. The platform integrates with most major email clients, including Gmail, and all incoming and outgoing emails sync to both systems. Emails are automatically linked to the appropriate contact for record-keeping.

To make emailing faster and more effective, Freshworks CRM has a couple different tools. There are customizable email templates to speed up simple communications. In addition, you can send out bulk campaigns to any number of contacts in your database. You can even see who opened your emails and when—and get real-time notifications when an email is opened for time-sensitive messages.

Freshworks CRM 3

(Image credit: Freshworks)

Freshworks CRM also offers a built-in phone, which comes with automatic call recording. Just as for emails, call records are automatically saved to contacts. Better yet, you can make notes about a call and those are saved to the contact as well to serve as a reminder of what was said the next time you get in touch. The call functionality is surprisingly rich, with the ability to add custom numbers to each user, call transfers, and manual call logging.

Interface and In Use

Freshworks CRM offers a very user-friendly interface, which adds to the appeal of this software. Email, phone, and contact search tools are always at the top of the screen. The overall design of the platform, from menus to pop-ups to notifications, is modern and familiar without feeling oversimplified.

The sales funnel viewer is another success of this interface. It works like a kanban board, with the ability to drag and drop deals between ‘New,’ ‘Follow-up,’ Under review,’ and Won categories. In addition to making it simple to see what stages your deals are in and their value, managers can quickly and easily filter by client, sales rep, value, and more.

Freshworks CRM 4

(Image credit: Freshworks)

Freshworks CRM also comes with a mobile app, which essentially condenses the platform down for smartphones. It can feel a bit crowded since all of the software’s functionality is available, but the app does a nice job of adapting the displays to a vertical layout by further segmenting information into sub-menus. For example, contact details are divided into ‘Activities,’ ‘Deals,’ and ‘Notes’ pages in the app.


Freshworks CRM comes with plenty of support from parent Freshworks. You can call during business hours Monday to Friday or email and get a relatively quick response. The platform also comes with extensive video documentation and helpful webinars.

The Competition

The only area where Freshworks CRM really falls short is in helping capture new leads. For that, Nimble is an affordable and capable alternative with advanced tools for scraping leads from company websites, emails, and social media. If you need more project management tools, check out Zoho CRM or Salesforce. These platforms are more expensive, but can match many of Freshworks CRM’s features.

Final Verdict

Freshworks CRM is a very easy to use software with an impressive suite of built-in communication tools. The platform somewhat leaves you on your own to generate new contacts. But, once you have them, it offers everything you need to convert leads to sales, prioritize work, and keep in touch with clients.

Michael Graw is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Bellingham, Washington. His interests span a wide range from business technology to finance to creative media, with a focus on new technology and emerging trends. Michael's work has been published in TechRadar, Tom's Guide, Business Insider, Fast Company, Salon, and Harvard Business Review.