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ITV finally joins on-demand party

ITV gets the On Demand monkey off its back
ITV gets the On Demand monkey off its back

ITV has signed a deal with BT that will allow viewers to instantly catch up on any missed shows via their BT Vision box.

As part of the BT Vision 'Replay' package, which costs £3 per month, viewers will get the chance to watch the likes of I'm a Celebrity and the X Factor.

The channel has been running an on demand service on its website and via mobiles over the last year, but this is the first move to widen the availability to viewers.

Old and new

The new service will be available to BT subscribers from next month, and will include both new shows and an archive library to some of the channel's more popular shows.

BT vision is aiming to top 500,000 subscribers in the near future, although it is still dwarfed in viewing terms by the likes of Sky and Virgin Media.

It already carries BBC and Channel 4 on demand, and the move to include ITV means it will run a similar service to the vaunted 'Project Kangaroo', which TechRadar revealed will be trialled in January.