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Britain awaits Digital Britain report

Changes afoot
Changes afoot

We'll soon see the first fruits of the Digital Britain report from Lord Carter, which might change the face of the country's communications.

The report will advise the government on a range of communications issues for the UK, but it won't be fully published until late Spring with a full action plan.

The reason we mention it is that the salient points will arrive much sooner in an interim report and it's suspected the focus will be heavily on the internet and television.


The biggest shock in the report that we know of is a recommendation that every British citizen has access to broadband internet as a right.

Currently, service providers must offer a minimum of a functional 28.8 kb/s connection – a fairly paltry connection in the modern world.

But the report, assembled by Communications Minister Lord Carter, is expected to make the requirement a broadband connection and dismiss the argument that it's too difficult to connect outlying areas of the UK.

Lord Carter will also look at the regulations of the internet compared to television regulation, with Culture Secretary Andy Burnham already talking of the 'imbalance' between the two areas.

The UK's radio and television services are also likely to be examined, including the public service broadcasting system that was recently subject to Ofcom's recommendations.