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Ballmer: Windows 8 is 'reimagining Microsoft'

Steve Ballmer loves developers

Steve Ballmer has claimed the new Windows 8 platform is also a reimagining of Microsoft itself, during a surprise appearance at the Windows Build conference.

The Microsoft CEO implied that the launch of the new OS is part of a shift in the company's philosophy, during his keynote address to developers

"If Windows 8 is Windows reimagined, we're also in the process, and Windows 8 is an important step of that, of reimagining Microsoft," he said.

Unprecedented opportunity

Ballmer added that when Windows 8 is released to the public next year, it will available on 500 million devices, in a rallying call to developers at the show in Anaheim, California.

"It's a time of unprecedented opportunity for developers and betting on us will be valuable," he said.

"It's the day and age of the Windows developer. Let's move forward together and seize the opportunity for developers, developers, developers."

His speech rekindled Ballmer's infamous, emotional and downright sweaty "developers, developers, developers" call-to-action back in 2006.

Link: ArsTechnica, Register