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New LomoKino video camera gives 35mm film some love

Lomo's new movie camera uses 35mm film

Lomography has unveiled the LomoKino, a movie camera that uses 35mm film.

The LomoKino is being heralded as a return to the "roots of movie making" as the camera is decidedly lo-fi, a characteristic of all Lomo cameras.

Videos shot on the LomoKino are made on any kind of 35mm film and feature no sound or special effects. One roll of film is capable of capturing around 144 shots, which is equivalent to around 36-48 seconds of movie.

Any kind of film can be used, ranging from slide film, colour negative, redscale or black and white for different effects.


The camera features a 25mm fixed length wide angle lens with an aperture of f/5.6-f/11 and a shutter speed of 1/100th of a second. Focusing is available between 0.6m and infinity.

Using a hand crank to wind on the film, the LomoKino can shoot approximately 3-4fps.

Once the film has been developed it can be spooled into the specially developed LomoKinoScope where movies can be watched.

The camera has been designed to have a retro look, and is available either on its own or packaged with the LomoKinoScope, a film canister and a book.

The Lomography LomoKino UK price is £65 (camera only) and is available to buy now. Movies can also be developed at the LomoLab and uploaded online for sharing.