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Twitter turns seven, gets some celebrities to say they like it

Twitter turns seven, gets some celebrities say they like it
Where would we be without you, little bird?

The earth has schlepped around the sun seven times since the first tweet was sent.

Happily, things have got a little more exciting and vowel-friendly since Jack Dorsey's first ever pronouncement "just setting up my twttr".

The 140-character 'microblogging' social network thing that no one is quite sure how to describe has become an integral part of everyday life, with over 200 million users sending more than 400 million tweets a day.

The service has played a huge role in major events like the Arab Spring, London 2012 and that time that celebrity did something controversial. You know the one.

Talking heads

At times such as these, it's always worth turning to celebrities of various alphabetical standing to see what they make of it all.

Richard Branson praised Twitter for its ability to "highlight good causes and - above all - have fun!", while the always worth talking to TV presenter-slash-gal-about-town Jameela Jamil credits Twitter for helping her "break out of my pigeon hole".

So yeah, thanks Twitter.

Anyway, we're on there, as are all us TechRadar writers. Come join us.