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Twitter for Newsrooms: tweeting gets media savvy

Twitter for Newsrooms - it's all about the meeja dahling
Twitter for Newsrooms - it's all about the meeja dahling

Twitter has revealed a new portal for journalists and newshounds called Twitter for Newsrooms.

The media section of the site breaks Twitter down to make it easier for journalists to use the micro-blog more productively.

It's split into four new categories: Report, Engage, Publish and Extra. From here you can check out the recommendations Twitter gives to those who want to use the site as a story source.

Tools of the trade

"We want to make our tools easier to use so you can focus on your job: finding sources, verifying facts, publishing stories, promoting your work and yourself – and doing all of it faster and faster all the time," said Twitter about the new site.

Twitter is already a handy tool for journalists, given the amount of breaking stories that appear on the site first and the rise of citizen journalism.

It's been an all-too-frequent occurrence to see unverified and untrue stories making Twitter's trending topics, so it is good to see Twitter offering a more formal approach to its media offerings.

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