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Firefox 6 available for download

Firefox 6 - arriving
Firefox 6 - arriving

Firefox 6 is in the wild, with Mozilla making the code available for its latest browser despite not making an official launch statement.

With Google's Chrome taking an increasingly large bite out of the market, Apple's Safari benefiting from the familiarity of users with iPhones and iPads and Microsoft having something of a browser renaissance of late, there is significant pressure on Firefox.

Firefox 6 final is not officially out until Tuesday, but, according to The Register a blogger at TechnoBolt has outed the availability of the code for Linux, PC and Mac.

Firefox 7 and 8

Just to mix things up a little, Mozilla will release a beta version of its successor Firefox 7 and an early build of Firefox 8 on the same day, the first evidence of the company's decision to make incremental tweaks rather than sweeping changes for each browser.

Mac, Windows and Linux versions of the software are available on the company's FTP (at least at time of writing), bringing improved HTML 5 handling.

Also included in the latest browser is extended CSS support, better display of iFrames and a data management window to control the plundering of your personal data by websites.

From TechBolt via The Register