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US Xbox 360 shortages plague Microsoft

Reuters reports today that Microsoft Corp in the US is seeing shortages of its Xbox 360 after failing to anticipate strong post-Xmas demand, following the December sales spike in which 1.3 million

Xbox 360 consoles

were sold across the US.

"You could say we misjudged demand," said Jeff Bell, head of global marketing for Microsoft's games business, adding that Microsoft was hoping to "manage expectations".

Impacting Sales

"We're literally out of stock in many stores. We think this will have an impact on our sales," Bell said.

"Retailers have been really upset, they are on allocation. It is a lag I think we're seeing in January and that may continue into February, then as spring ramps up, we'll be able to meet that demand."

TechRadar has spoken with the Xbox team in the UK this morning, so stay tuned for an update on the stock and sales situation in the UK very shortly.