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Toshiba: We're not pulling out of PCs

A load of Tosh
A load of Tosh

Toshiba has denied that it is pulling out of the PC market, with the Japanese giant insisting that reports it was selling its main factory and looking to merge with Fujitsu and Vaio were false.

Toshiba is a familiar name in the laptop world and any retreat would be hugely damaging for the Windows PC industry as it battles against tablets and the looming threat of Apple.

However, responding to a report in Japan's Sankei newspaper that suggested a merger was on the cards, the company has insisted that it is not pulling the plug.

Toshiba has already focused its efforts on the Asian and US markets, with Europe not helping avoid a big loss announced at the end of 2015.

But with Sony already carving off its PC business, the Japanese powerhouses in the industry are clearly suffering through a difficult period in the PC world.

Via Reuters