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Skype for Mac gets Facebook chat integration

Skype for Mac gets Facebook integration

The desktop Skype for Mac client has incorporated Facebook chat into the latest Beta version.

Skype for Mac 5.4 allows users to connect with their Facebook pals and also view their own wall and news feed, reducing the need to constantly switch between browser and Skype client.

It shows an alternate look at your Facebook wall and even allows you to use Skype to call Facebook friends who have their phone numbers listed on their profile.

Users of Skype for Windows 5.5 already offers Facebook connect services, which also allows you to like and comment on status updates.

Facebook and Skype, bedfellows

The move is the latest union between Skype and Facebook, after the companies announced that Skype would power Facebook's video calling service, launched earlier this year.

In order to log-in to Facebook via Skype for Mac you'll need to download the newest version of the client.

Once that's installed, just click on the Connect to Facebook tab and Robert's your father's brother.

Link: Skype (via Business Insider)