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Rumour: Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables lose HDMI spec

HDMI to Mini DisplayPort - problems afoot
HDMI to Mini DisplayPort - problems afoot
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Potentially hundreds of thousands of Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables are to be recalled because HDMI Org has deemed the cable system to be out of HDMI spec, TechRadar has learned.

A source has contacted TechRadar to explain the situation and told us that putting a Mini-DP plug on the end of a cable with an HDMI plug is 'out of HDMI spec', which effectively means that HDMI Org has banned all Mini-DP to HDMI cables on the market as of today.

The Mini DisplayPort is currently used on Apple's Mac line-up, and an adaptor or DisplayPort to HDMI cable is needed if you want to hook the computers up to a HD Ready display.

Out of HDMI

All companies who offer these cables have to go through HDMI Org if they want to use the HDMI name and branding, which costs money - those who don't are in breach of HDMI regulations.

According to our source, if all these cables have indeed been placed on the 'out of HDMI' spec list, then they will have to be changed to suit the new requirements.

For them to pass, HDMI Org has reportedly requested that the Mini DP plug that currently adorns the cables has to be replaced with a socket for it to meet compliance regulations.

This does mean that any Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor will not be affected by the HDMI's decision.

Considering this is said to cost in the region of $8,000 for each cable model to be approved, it could prove a rather expensive recall for the companies in question.

TechRadar has contacted HDMI Org to see if there is any truth to the situation and is also ringing around cable suppliers to see if they have been affected.

As most of these cables have been on the market for the last 18 months or so, it is still unclear whether this is a change in stance from HDMI Org or whether the cable system has taken this long to go through the HDMI compliance rigmarole.

Currently there are a number of companies still offering this cable system on the Apple website, including iWires.

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