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Techradar pro survey: Tell us how you store stuff and win an 8TB NAS

8TB Seagate NAS

Computer users have now far more choice when it comes to storing their data than ever before.

Gone are tapes and floppy disk drives; free and affordable cloud storage, thumb-sized USB flash drives, removable cards barely bigger than a thumbnail, pocketable hard disk drives, optical discs costing pennies and blazingly-fast solid state drives are the components of a flourishing sotrage ecosystem.

Now, we want to know how you store your stuff, either online or offline, on traditional hard drives or flashy flash drives and we've put together a short survey to help us find out.

We're giving away a Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay NAS review to one lucky reader, a prize worth more than £350. We gave it a respectable four star when it was reviewed in September. We found out that this 8TB network attached storage device, aimed primarily at a consumer market had excellent software.

Bear in mind that this is the actual review sample so might have some scratches on it.

Now if you want to be the lucky winner, then complete the survey (link below) to enter the sweepstake.Only U.K residents over 18 can take part in the competition but everyone can participate. The competition will close at 11:59PM, 26th November 2015 and the winner will be selected on the 27th.

Click here to access the survey

Desire Athow

Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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