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CCTV network delayed by Home Office

Who's watching you: CCTVs will soon be able to recognise people's faces and study their behaviour, adding the information to a national database

A police proposal to network Britain's 4.2 million CCTV cameras is being delayed by the Home Office while it considers concerns from civil liberty groups.

The police want all CCTV cameras to be compatible with its systems to improve data-sharing and upgrades, if and when they're needed. Upgrades such as face recognition and behaviour monitoring applications.

In the wake of the July 7 bombings, such a network would be highly beneficial, claim the police.

Civil liberty groups are questioning whether such a scheme would actually be beneficial arguing it will infringe on public privacy. There is also concern too much public money will be spent on the changes.

Not all CCTVs are owned by the Government. Under the proposals by the police, all of the UK's CCTVs, even those owned by private firms, would come under a strict code of maintenance.