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Audacious promises clearer phone calls with the same mobile phone

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A new Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) promises to improve the audio quality of phone calls for people with hearing difficulties without the need to change their mobile phone.

Audacious was developed in partnership with experts in audiology, data processing, and telecoms and promises an enhanced audio service with clearer calls.

The network is powered by EE’s infrastructure, meaning customers get access to the UK’s widest 4G coverage and fastest mobile data speeds.

Audacious MVNO

In order to determine an individual’s personal hearing profile, Audacious invites potential customers to take a ‘sound check’ on its website. A personalised SIM card is then sent out and can be used with any mobile phone. Contracts are flexible and customers can leave at any time.

Audacious founder Matthew Turner believes the service can help up to ten million people in the UK living with hearing difficulties or hearing loss.

“Having lived with moderate to severe hearing loss since birth, I am fully aware of the emotional impact millions of people are experiencing as they struggle daily to communicate using the mobile phone.,” he said.

“It was a real struggle to talk on the phone and it had a negative impact on both my personal and professional life. I made it my personal mission to develop the technology that could tailor phone calls to individual hearing loss or needs and so empower people across the UK to have better, clearer conversations.”

As part of the MVNO agreement, EE also offers international roaming and wholesale billing services. EE’s infrastructure powers more than 30 MVNOs, including the UK’s largest, Virgin Media.

“The strength and breadth of our EE mobile network makes BT the ideal MVNO partner for Audacious,” declared Alex Tempest, BT Wholesale MD. “By leveraging the best mobile network in the UK, as well as providing clearer calls to their customers, Audacious can deliver a superior customer experience, with unrivalled 4G coverage and superfast speeds for data services.”

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