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The best people search finder services and engines 2019

people search finders
Image credit: Shutterstock
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Normal search engines aren’t great people finders: they can tell you if someone has a website or a public profile, but they’re not so good at telling you where they are, what they’re up to or who they live with. If you’re trying to trace a long-lost pal or estranged relative or just want to be sure that someone new in your life is who they claim to be, a people search finder is a much better option.

As you’ll see from our pick of people finder websites, there are big differences between different services. Some can tell you about someone’s employment but not their education, some include social media and others can also tell you about a person’s business interests and assets.

Keep reading as we distil the very best people search engines out there.


US Search

Image credit: US Search

(Image credit: US Search)

Easy, effective and affordable

Good value
Easy search
Timely data
Basic presentation
Marriages only in some states

US Search may be the best all-round option for most. Prices start at less than $3 for a basic report detailing address history and relatives, rising to over $10 for a one-state criminal record check.

If you want a full report including social media details and marriage records that’s up towards the $40-mark, but be aware that marriage data is only currently available for 11 US states. It’s not the best service in any particular category, but as an overall package it’s good value for money.

Check out US Search for more information 


Image credit: PeopleFinders

(Image credit: PeopleFinders)

2. PeopleFinders

Great value on a comprehensive service

Good, comprehensive reports
Includes some business data
Simple to use
Doesn’t cover social media

PeopleFinders wins big on affordability and accuracy. At around just $25 per month, it’s significantly cheaper than most of its rivals. It doesn’t cover social media data but it’s good on the essential people finder information, and its reporting is clear and easy to follow.

You can head straight to PeopleFinders to find out more


Image credit: Intelius

(Image credit: Intelius)

3. Intelius

See how people are connected

Provides education data
Great data visualisation
Single-report and subscription options
Not the cheapest
Reports can’t be downloaded

Every people finder service presents information in its own way, but we really like the way Intelius does it. The service displays people in a spidery graph that makes it really easy to see how the different people in a report are connected. The underlying data’s good too, and it includes educational history – a handy extra data point if you’re trying to track someone down or check their resume.

At around the $50 per report it’s quite expensive, but there’s a monthly subscription for regular users that could work out cheaper in the long run.

Run an Intelius people search here

Instant checkmate

Image credit: Instant Checkmate

(Image credit: Instant Checkmate)

4. Instant Checkmate

Good, affordable and accurate

Good value 
Accurate data
Good search tools
Downloading is extra 
Subscription only

Instant Checkmate appears to search every conceivable register - it can even tell you whether registered sex offenders live nearby. It features a very comprehensive set of reports covering criminal history, marriage and assets, although the site design places heavy emphasis on what seems like a never-ending procession of slow progress bars and lurid warnings about the content you might uncover. A bit of a put off, but we can see why it would urge caution.

Subscriptions are generally less than $40 for a month with a three months option that can save you money if you know you'll need Instant Checkmate for an extended period. There’s no single report option and downloads cost extra.

Get instant access to Instant Checkmate by clicking this link


Image credit: BeenVerified

(Image credit: BeenVerified)

5. BeenVerified

Great for employment history

Great employment reporting
Affordable pricing
Accurate data
Some data requires extra payment
No single-report background checks 

If other lines of enquiry have drawn a blank, somebody’s employment history can help you track them down – and it’s useful to search for your own work history if you’re updating your resume and you’re a little hazy on the dates. BeenVerified is particularly good at uncovering people’s work history, although the downside is that property or business asset data is an optional, paid-for extra.

Subscriptions are around $25 per month and BeenVerified is another service that saves you money when you extend that to a three month subscription. There’s no single-report option, however.

Check out BeenVerified to discover more and sign up