As we just mentioned, the Satio is fully stocked with some great connectivity options, even if these do drain the battery somewhat.

Wi-Fi is very good as it sits in the background, quietly switched on until you need it to connect to something for you – it's reliable and very rarely failed on us.

Sony ericsson satio

GPS is just fantastic on the Sony Ericsson Satio, as we just said, locating us within a few seconds and sending us on our merry way. This made geotagging photos a lot easier, which is something that will probably become more prevalent in the next year or so.

Bluetooth is only v2.0, which means you have to mess around with passcodes to pair devices, but stayed strong in terms of signal, had a good range and most of all was able to auto-connect to our MH100's without a single hitch.

The PC software was bundled inside the phone on the 8GB memory card, which we liked a lot as it makes the installation process just that much easier.

Sony ericsson satio

We're actually pretty impressed with Sony Ericsson's PC Suite, as it offers the basics and does it nicely. Backing up contacts, saving texts (so many people find this element crucial) and converting media to work on the phone are all there and included too.

The interface is plain, as you can see, but it does the job it needs to, as well as providing some more advanced functionality like Adobe Photoshop Elements for touching up photos.