Foxconn 9657AA-8EKRS2H review

Solid, but not exactly sexy

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Our Verdict

Performance is decent enough but it loses points because of limited overclocking potential


  • Well laid out, with replaceable CMOS chip


  • Little headroom

There are a lot of Intel 965-based boards out there. What chance of success can there possibly be, then, for Foxconn's take on the default LGA775-socket chipset for Core 2 processors?

It's well laid out, with the key internal headers out of harm's way and good access to the SATA ports, though the capacitors around the CPU socket may get in the way.

The replaceable CMOS chip is also welcome and adds a little insurance for more aggressive overclocking escapades. The BIOS options are all present and accounted for.

All-round performance is also solid, with one exception: overclocking headroom. The 370MHz limit is probably a function of the rather stingy Northbridge heatsink and it certainly makes this board a little off putting compared to the similarly priced opposition.