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X-Spice Croon BF 850W review

This PSU will croon you a lullaby

X-Spice Croon BF 850W
This high wattage PSU should suit all but the most powerful SLI rigs

Our Verdict

A very solid PSU for the cash that will power all but the most powerful SLI and quad SLI rigs out there


  • Good standby power
  • Stable at full load
  • Efficient
  • Cool running


  • Efficiency dropped at full load

When you come across a power supply named 'Croon', you almost expect the fan to hum Frank Sinatra songs at you.

Fortunately (or not, depending on where you stand on the Rat Pack) this didn't happen, but the PSU did perform reasonably well in our tests.

X-Spice is marketing the Croon as being near-silent in operation, and it is very quiet. At 20 per cent and 50 per cent loads, the Croon achieved an impressive 86 per cent efficiency, although this dropped to 83 per cent when pushed all the way.

Standby power was also good, maintaining a low 1.78v current. The PSU shut down when short circuited on all rails, and reached a maximum power level of 930W.

Where the croon excelled was in its average temperature, which came in lower than its bigger brethren.

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