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Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP review

That's WP for waterproof, don't you know

Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP
The Z33WP is more stylish than most waterproof cameras

Our Verdict

Fujifilm's camera is little more than average, but it's inexpensive and good-looking, so is worth consideration


  • Waterproof to 3m
  • Great value
  • Stylish


  • Not shockproof or freezeproof
  • Waterproof for 2 hours only
  • Slow operation

The FinePix Z33WP is fun, fashionable and inexpensive. Its depth rating (limited to 2 hours) is just 3m, though, and it's neither shockproof nor freezeproof. But it is ideal as a 'beach' camera for family holidays.

There's no conventional navipad; instead, the directional buttons are integrated with the rest in a grid. The buttons have a pretty heavy and vague action, too. The zoom is quite slow, despite having only a 3x range, and the Playback mode is even slower still.

The detail is in fact pretty soft. It's OK for snaps and medium-sized enlargements, but the other cameras on test are sharper. The colours have a bit of a blue tinge, and the little Z33WP did underexpose our test shot somewhat.

Fujifilm finepix z33wp

FAMILY FUN: Fujifilm's Z33WP won't take a beating, but a degree of waterproofing makes it great for a family beach trip

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