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New Game of Thrones season 6 trailer forebodes the bloodiest season yet

Game of Thrones Season 6

There's going to be a lot of fighting and bloodshed if the latest Game of Thrones trailer is any indication.

In the second season six trailer there's Lannisters vs the Sparrows, Martells vs Lannisters, a Night's Watch civil war, the Free Folk vs the Boltons and a backwards look through time with Targaryans vs Starks. Everyone, whether it's one character or a whole family, has a beef with someone else.

Season five ratcheted up the tension with political intrigue and a few scattered fights. Now, the coming season just looks like a blood bath with everyone settling their scores.

From the trailer we can surmise a few things such as the fact that Little Finger seems to be no longer safe, Arya takes on a Daredevil-like blind fighting style, Theon (and not Reek) seems to make a return and Jon Snow is still very much dead – that is until (and I swear this is going to happen) he rises up again among soot and smoke to take up his burning sword, Lightbringer!

Game of Thrones returns to HBO and HBO Go on April 24.