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HANNspree reveals cut-price HDTV series

HANNSpree's new Full HD TVs - bike not included
HANNSpree's new Full HD TVs - bike not included

HANNspree, the Caps-lock happy screen manufacturer, has announced the latest cut-price editions to its 1080p HD TV line-up.

The ST range of tellies offers, according to their manufacturer, "Ultra stylish, minimalistic design and breathtaking audio visual performance."

Features on the TVs include a 10,000:1 ultra high dynamic contrast ratio, built-in 3D Comb-Filter and 3D Deinterlace technology (which help to sort out colour signal) and something called 3.2:2.2 Pull-down Processing which corrects errors in frame rates.

Multi aspect ratio

HANNspree is also proud of its TV's ability to support multi-aspect ratios – something we would hope most TVs can do but there you go.

Connections-wise, HANNSpree has added two HDMI ports, Scart connectivity and VGA support – so if you fancy turning the screen into a TV, then you can.

At the moment, there's only a 25- and 28-inch model available (called the ST251 and the ST281) and you can get them at for a bank account pleasing £249.99 and £309.99 respectively.