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Qualcomm might walk the walk when it comes to wearables

Qualcomm has already thrown its hat in the wearables ring, but soon it might throw its whole suit in, too.

The chip maker showed off the Qualcomm Toq, a fitness-focused smartwatch, in 2013, but it was only released in a limited US run. Let's just say, it wasn't a massive hit.

But Qualcomm Taiwan president Eddie Chang told Taipei Times that the company has "all the technologies needed" to compete with rival chip maker Mediatek in the wearable chip arena.

Chang didn't go into greater detail, but he did promise that wearables with Qualcomm chips will arrive this year.

Playing it smart

Qualcomm is already at the top of the mobile game, with its Snapdragon processors powering smartphones and tablets in pockets across the globe.

A leap into wearables makes perfect sense, if they're as big as we think they are.

Can't blame the company for waiting this long though to see how the chips would fall on this trend.

Via G for Games