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Garmin announces FR60 fitness watch

Garmin FR60
The FR60 akllows you to race against a virtual partner

Garmin has announced the launch of its FR60 fitness watch that, in addition to telling the time, is also able to track your track time, heart rate and calories burned.

There's no GPS function on the FR60, but is does come supplied with a heart rate monitor and optional ANT+ compatible wireless foot pod.

Virtual partner

The fitness watch also boasts a number of advanced training tools, including a "virtual partner" function that allows the user to set up and race against a virtual training partner.

Furthermore, the FR60 can be set to automatically download training data to the user's PC wirelessly when in range, allowing them to analyse their performance through Garmin Connect.

The FR60 is in the shops now at a cost of £130.

Via Pocket-Lint